Country Inn and Suites, Billings, MT

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Missoula was a wonderful experience.  We had a great time all around.  As we made our way to Billings, MT, I wondered what we could find to do there.  I asked a couple of people who lived there.  I went online and reviewed the Billings city site. However, I was also on my way to *review the Country Inn and Suites in Billings, MT and in checking their website I found that they had several itineraries on their site for those visiting any of the locations.  For Billings, MT, I found an itinerary for the area, called Peaks and Valley Country. It had a list of activities that we were eager to try out once we got there.

The hotel is located off of a very busy road, and is surrounded by several eateries and shops that are easy enough to get to.  Despite the busy-ness of the road outside, once we entered into the lobby everything became quieter and more serene.  A perfect change, especially for tired travelers like us.




I was greeted with a smile by the General Manager, Michelle.  She quickly provided me with my room key and all the information I needed to know, including the free breakfast and so forth.

When the kids, my husband, and I entered the room we couldn’t have been more pleased, and surprised.  The room was HUGE!  The kids immediately spread out, finding a spot on the couch and turning on the television.



I took a tour of the premises and thought the work out area had a nice window which let in a lot of light, and found the pool to be a nice size.  The lobby smelled like apples, which I know was on purpose, but after coming off a long drive, and being from the big city and all, I felt it added to the feel of the place.  As much as I love New York City, when I leave New York City, I want to feel like I am somewhere else, and the look and smell of the place definitely made me feel I was somewhere homey and cozy.  Even my husband thought it added to the charm.  They also provide a small area with a computer in the lobby, though internet service is included in the price of the room.





After having ordered pizza and eating it in our suite, we decided to go out and see what there was to do.  More of that here.

But once at the hotel, the kids took a dip in the pool while Dad and I took turns relaxing in the hot tub.



The pool did have a bit too much chlorine, enough that after awhile my eyes started burning a bit.  My youngest seemed bothered by these as well, so we left the group and went back to the room to relax in the huge whirlpool bathtub there.  It was great, until all the others came to the room and kicked me out.  I didn’t mind because they were really enjoying it!

IMG_1533Our night there was heavenly.  We slept like logs.  It was quiet and comfortable, everyone had their own space.  It was really the kind of experience we needed in our road trip break.

Of course, there are somethings that never change, like the little ones crawling into our bed in the middle of the night, but the size of the bed really helped in maintaining the comfort of our sleep.


IMG_1543We made our way down to breakfast, which consisted of scrambled eggs, bacon, breads and other baked goods, milk, juice, coffee, oatmeal, cereal, and even a waffle maker which my husband seemed very experienced in handling.





IMG_1548We finished our breakfast while the kids played.  And afterwards, as we packed our car to head to our next adventure, my 4 year old asked, “Mama, will we come back to stay at this hotel again?  I like the flowers.”


We stayed in a one bedroom suite, prices vary from location to location, but I have found that it averages to something between $106 to $116 a night.  I think for the accommodations alloted to a family as large as mine, as well as the amenities provided during our stay, that this is an affordable choice and one that I think you would enjoy as well.  We loved the experience, and are excited to have another waiting for us in the Country Inn and Suites in Middleton, WI. 

*Disclosure: For the purpose of review I received a free night stay at Billings, MT from Country Inn and Suites for my family during our stay there. Though we are grateful for the hospitality and courtesy extended to us I affirm that it has in no way compromised the honesty of my review, and we hope that our experiences will help other families traveling and looking for a positive, comfortable hotel experience.

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  2. Emily C. says:

    talkofthecountry.comtwitter.comfacebook.comCarol, I'm SO glad that you enjoyed your stay and got away from the hustle of NYC for a bit! I am a city girl at heart as well, so I know what you mean about craving an "escape." Such a treasure!

    That picture of you guys in the whirpool bath is adorable — total framer! Can't wait to read about your other Country Inn adventures.

    Thank you for sharing your family with ours,


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