Happify: Teaching The Tools to Happy

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I started this year sharing how I wanted to make 2013 the Year of Happy. I also briefly mentioned a new social media site that helps users achieve exactly that. It’s called Happify, and through a series of exercises, games, quizzes, and journals – that can be both public and private – users are able to reflect on and share about personal experiences, whether at home, at work, and in the various relationships in their lives that help them in their quest for happiness.

Through the various tracks users can choose from topics such as Talkers and Listeners, Appreciate What I Have, Cope Better With Stress, Enjoy Parenting More, Nurture My Body and Soul, and more.I have been using the Happify website these past few months to help organize my thoughts and refocus my priorities, but I have also enjoyed reading what the community on the site shares about themselves and their experiences. And I think that is what I have enjoyed the most – connecting with others and cheering them on, or providing empathy, support, and encouragement, which I get in turn when I need it as well.

And as feel good as this all may seem – and it is – the site was also developed around the science of happiness, much of which users learn about throughout their time using the site. Users learn about the scientific data and findings that help us make the choices that teach us to be happy. “Optimism, self-confidence, gratitude, hope, compassion, purpose, empathy – these are all qualities that anyone can own. But you have to lean how” and the goal of Happify is to guide us on that path.

It’s been a fun experience on Happify and one I hope you will check out while on your path to make 2013 your Year of Happy!


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