Oh, The Places I Should Go!

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When I was a little girl looking out into the ocean’s horizon from the shores of San Juan, PR, I imagined a world so massive, so big, that only those who were really, really gifted and adventurous could see it all. I never considered myself too gifted, but I certainly considered myself adventurous and made it my dream to see as much as I could.

Now, as a travel blogger and mom, the desire to see a lot of the world – which still feels big, but not unreachable – is even stronger and sometimes even a bit overwhelming (it’s that whole ‘time seemingly going faster the older you get’ thing). So, though I can easily say I want to see the world and take my crew with me, when it comes to most big dreams, breaking them down into smaller, to-do lists, or rather bucket lists, just becomes easier to live with on a day-to-day basis.

My very, very short bucket list includes:

1) Japan I will confess my obsession with Japan started with my now 7-year-old two years ago. His desire to visit the motherland of all things Nintendo has become a love for everything, from food to pop art, Japanese. Though I too am fascinated and curious, my desire to get there is pushed by a mother’s love to make her child’s first travel dream come true.

2) Egypt My mother, who used to work as a travel agent back in the 60s, told me a story I will never forget about her first time to Egypt with her travel agency group. My mother was a light-skinned Dominican, with green eyes, who also had the beautiful thick hair texture to proudly display an afro (her African roots clearly shining through) a sight to behold in  most places, most of all Egypt. She told me how she was stopped at security, where they poked at her hair and even pulled at it, thinking it was a wig. Though the incident was one she would tell over and over in disbelief, she would also follow it with tales of treks across the desert and camel rides and colorful streets and music and food. As a child I was captivated by all my mother’s stories of travel, but her tales of courage while in Egypt, as not only a woman, but a women of color, are ones I have never gotten over, making this a must-visit place before I die.

3) New Zealand I’ve seen images upon images of various places in NZ and I can’t even get over how beautiful it all is on film, or in pictures. To see it all in person…I feel I would need weeks to catch my breath it all!

4) Haridwar (among a few other places in India) What most fascinates me about the Indian culture is its spiritual beliefs and practices. Visiting the place that is referred to as the Gateway to God, and is considered one of India’s most spiritual cities, would be priceless for all it represents and could represent later on.

5) Serengeti (Tanzania) My father went on Safari when I was a teen, but I didn’t go with him and I have always wanted the opportunity to see the wild as nature intended (well, if you exclude the fact that a bunch of people are riding around in jeeps).

First on my list would’ve been Scotland – which I finally got to visit, and take off my list (though I want to go back). This list may seem insane to many of us, even just one of these destinations feels like it could be the trip of a life time. But a lifetime can be a pretty long time, and dreams have this way of nagging themselves into reality, even when you least expect them. So never stop dreaming!Scotland_GirlGoneTravelGot to realize my dream to go to Scotland just last year. When it comes to dreams, you just never know!

Where would like to go?

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Carol Cain

Carol is her happiest when on an adventure, either close to home or farther away. She's the mom to three fun boys and wife to a handsome Irish/Scot. She lives in New Jersey with her happy crew, but will always be a girl from Brooklyn. You can read her full profile here.

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30 Responses to Oh, The Places I Should Go!

  1. I love your list. I have never heard of Hardiwar, India. I love the photo of Scotland.

  2. Natalie says:

    Reading this blog makes me want to jump out from behind my desk at work and travel for the rest of my life … dream big right!! lol Love reading about my nephew’s dream to visit Japan. I too share the same desire in fact it happens to be part of my bucket list. So don’t forget to TAKE ME WITH YOU ! :p

    Very inspiring blog Sis :)

    Xoxo Nat

  3. ADT says:

    India has held a firm place in my top 5 for way too long. I remember hearing about Hardiwar in reference to it being one of the most holy places. Need to do more research, but another reason India is definitely staying on the list!

  4. weconnectedprod says:

    I've seen a lot of interests in India, Egypt, and Japan with many of the blog carnival posts. You're the first I've come across to mention New Zealand. I don't know much about the country, but as a follower of your blog, I'm sure you'll make that trip very, very soon. Great personal connections with your list of places you would like to travel to. My list would include – Madrid; London; Paris; Dubai; and Maldives. The only personal connection I have with the last noted destination was just before my twin sister went in surgery last week (that's why I didn't participate in blog carnival) she mentioned wanting to visit Maldives. I made a vow that if anything happend to her, that it'll always remain in my top lists of places to visit. Thankfully her surgery went well, but it does have me curious to see what it is about Maldives that sparked her interest, and will remain atop my list for that reason.
    My recent post Flying High with Medical Conditions

  5. LoveLyndaLovely says:

    Hi Carol. Love reading this list and the stories. I see we share a couple of wish spots. I've spent time in Scotland recently (last New Year in Loch Lomond) and it really is a stunning country – I couldn't live there though and risk Vitamin D deficiency.

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