Being Outfitted for Expedition by REI & Columbia

It’s been an incredible summer for this Girl Gone Travel and I hope you’ve been following along and making your list of places you want to visit next.

In just a week I will be making my way back to the Pacific North West to kick off our American Latino Heritage expedition at Olympic National Park., another adventure I hope you will join me on (read more about the expedition the Olympic National Park Expedition). My fellow Travelistas in Nature and I are soooo excited and I am ready to share all the photos, as well as all the reasons why our national parks make the perfect vacation destinations.

Our sponsors, REI and Columbia, dressed us up from head-to-toe for our journey, an experience I can only describe as surreal and fabulous. I am a huge REI fan, and Columbia is already a part of my workout attire, but I got to check out new items that will really make the outdoor experience more comfortable.



Some of the items I picked up at REI that I absolutely loved are the REI Sahara shorts, which served me well during a recent hike in the Catskills when I fell into some mud. It didn’t matter because the quick dry nylon did just that and I wasn’t uncomfortable at all. I also really love the Columbia OutDry footwear, perfect for the walks along the water and for the water activities and Columbia’s Bug Shield sporty tops, perfect to help keep the mosquitoes away.


I was also excited to learn that there is an REI closer to my house in NJ, and I quickly joined their co-op and am looking forward to taking part in the regular activities and classes.

Our team wrote a post about our individual REI visits on the American Latino Expedition blog, where all the other teams (including our own) have been sharing about the experience. I hope you get a chance to give it a read!

Our group, the Travelistas in Nature, will be traveling for a 4-day expedition adventure starting August 25, 2013. Other ways to stay connected is to follow the #ALEx13 hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.



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