Summers in Lake George: Unplugged

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After an intense professional day, I needed to just unplug and be with my family. My oldest wasn’t able to join us because of a recent knee surgery, so in a way the pictures in this series which I call “Unplugged” aren’t complete, but still they captured the perfection of what happens when we have no other distractions, nothing else to do, but be together.

We started our morning early, after a night in a cabin in front of Arbutus pond in the Adirondack Park. The peace and serenity of the morning is one that can, if you are craving it as much as I was on that morning, make your eyes tear up a bit.

There wasn’t anything else. Just nature and water. Silence. Stillness. It was a beautiful, unfiltered, undisturbed moment in time.

Lake views while hiking in Adirondacks

Later that weekend we would find ourselves driving through past the crowds of tourists in Lake George and end up, by chance, in a secluded little beach where my children made friends with the grandkids of local residents and proceeded to enjoy the lake to the fullest.

Lake George views

Lake George viewsAdirondacks travel _girlgonetravel As I laughed with my family and watched them play, I promised myself that I would give myself, and them, more time like this, where we would toss aside all the distractions and all the things that take us away from each other. The rewards from our unplugged time together are too precious a gift to ever overlook or take for granted.

Adirondacks travel _girlgonetravel


“Unplugged”  – The Adirondacks, 2014

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