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Girl Gone Travel is a travel and food site focusing on events, venues, restaurants, and activities in and around New York City and anywhere our travels take us. We approach the world from the perspective of a family who loves to travel and have fun together. Here I share our travel experiences focusing also on the elements that appeal to everyone, even those without kids.

The following is a guideline of what you can expect from my work and my site:

  • I am committed to providing advice and information that is not only practical but also trustworthy.
  • Though I have a growing relationship with many brands and representatives within the travel and publication industry, I am committed to our readers and do not give preferential treatment to any outside resource based on their relationship with me.
  • I fully disclose the relationships, as well as the agreements that may have been made for the purpose of a review or guide.
  • I provide full disclosure about any free products or services we have received in order to keep our readers informed about all the facts when making a decision.
  • As is standard in the travel media industry, I accept and will regularly be offered paid or sponsored opportunities to travel to other cities and destinations, whether in the states or overseas, to review and provide information to consumers.
  • My preference is to write about places and activities I have personally experienced myself and/or with my family.
  • I am often approached for social media advice, online campaign planning assistance, as well as event coordination and organizing for which I charge either an hourly fee or flat rate (please request a media kit or send an email for more information).
  • I accept tickets and free admission to venues and events for review purposes.
  • On the rare occasion that I host a giveaway, I will do for a fee because of the social media management and administrative responsibility involved in running an online contest. Giveaways are heavily promoted during their duration. If the giveaway is in addition to a review, I request access to said opportunity, whether through tickets to events, concerts, venues, activities, and travel related products or services. Winners will receive instructions for pick up or delivery of tickets from the PR representative for said event.
  • Reviews are my personal opinions based on my and/or my family’s experiences. I often share what I enjoy the most, and do not promote places or things, even via negative review, by writing about them, unless of course I feel that not doing so could potentially expose someone and their family to a horrid experience.
  • The purpose of Girl Gone Travel is to promote travel and all this can offer, as well as to encourage others to take on adventures of their own, with or without kids in tow.
  • I do not offer free consultation or advice for campaign strategies or approach, do not provide analytic services on other bloggers, and do not sell nor gift lists of contacts to PR reps, companies, or bloggers.

Privacy Policy

Please note this website uses cookies and other tracking tools, placed either by Girl Gone Travel or third party partners and providers, to feature ads relevant to you. This might happen on our own website or on websites run by separate companies. These tracking tools will collect information on what parts of this blog interest you – in other words, your behavior or browsing history (no personal information is collected). We also work with outside partners who help us gather this information. These partners help us both on our websites as well as outside websites. You can opt out of having us collect and share this information by clicking here. Please note that the choices you make are browser-specific, meaning if you use a different browser, you will need to opt out again.

Feel free to contact me for a media kit, consultation fees, and info on advertising and sponsorship opportunities via email at carol[at]girlgonetravel.com.

Thank you for reading!

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Enjoyed this post? Give it some love and share!

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