I Want To Go There

You know those vision boards that people always talk about? The ones where you post cut outs and images of things you want, or images that represent a place you want to be in your life, whether professionally or personally, or images that inspire action, like home decor or fashion statements? I think they call that Pinterest now, but if you are a lover of travel or a wanderluster at heart, the vision boards you want to check out, and create for yourself, are in Findery.

DIY Gardening_GirlGoneTravel

Planting the seeds

Anyone who has been stuck in a conversation with me as of late, has heard about me going on and on about the backyard reno in our new house.

This is who I have become, my friends. Since we’ve bought this old house, my husband and I have been obsessed with making changes, fixing, and renovating it. I barely recognize me anymore. I can’t remember the last time I felt so grounded, so happily settled in one place. For the longest time I’ve lived on this cloud of wanderlust, daydreaming of the many places around the world I would want to live, for a bit, and explore and write about.

Turkish Coffee_girlgonetravel

For the Love of Turkish Coffee

I am not a huge coffee drinker, in that I am happy to have coffee in the morning, but then not again during the day. I have been drinking coffee – mostly with milk and sugar – since I was a little kid. For us it was never consumed as a form of drug, but as a compliment to our breakfast of warm bread and butter before school. Being in the states sort of took me away from good coffee experiences, as it has only been in recent years that Americans have really invested time and effort in bringing good coffee to the table, though that experience can cost you a lot. My best coffee experiences are usually by chance or while on the road.


Family weekend in Newport, RI

This is the time of year when our family calendar is bursting with activities, with everything from end-of-school year events (yup, we’re already gearing up!), to soccer games, and of course travel. Road trips especially. We want more road trips in our lives! We do plan on air traveling a lot too this summer, but ahhh…there’s nothing a good ol’ road trip can’t do, especially when you don’t want to invest too much time, or money, or even energy on getting away for a bit.

So look out for more of those, because we sure are!

10513240_10204113608737500_1082768186893008890_n (1)

Joining Embassy Suites to Share #PrettyGreat Travel Hacks

’Tis the season for family travel. As the months get warmer and kids get more and more restless, families everywhere are hitting the road or planning vacations to enjoy together. My own family started planning how we’re going to spend our summer before all the snow even melted.

Lost and Found, Lost and Found Again

Over the past few years since I started blogging, I have shared many stories of my mother Cynthia, my father’s second wife, the one who would love and raise me as her daughter, even though biologically I wasn’t, even though her marriage with my father ended terribly, and till the day she died.

I have talked about Cynthia and about how she taught me about strength, even when all the odds were stacked up against her, about the love for travel, and most importantly, about unconditional love, as it is what she always gave me.

I’ve talked about how much I’ve missed her, the many things I wish I could share with her, and the many ways I wish I could still tell her that I love her.

Finding Spring with Findery

Spring started a bit ago, but it has taken its time to really make itself seen and felt, at least in my area.

The last few days however have proven to be magnificent, and oh so Springy! I’ve been posting my images to share my joy.

RIU Palace St. Martin Vacations_girlgonetravel all rights reserved

Discovering the cozier side of RIU Palace St. Martin

I’ve talked a lot about growing up spending most of my weekends as a teen in all-inclusive resorts because of my father’s job in the hospitality industry in the Dominican Republic. There isn’t a lot about these types of resorts that I don’t know.

As a mother of three, I have come to appreciate them more because of the flexibility they offer family travelers, of those traveling on a budget or not wanting to worry about managing one, and of those just wanting to relax.

Girl Gone Travel in Maui_All rights reserved

Highlights of my trip to Maui

The last time I visited Maui, I remember only eating. Ok, well, I did more than just eat, but because I was there primarily on a food tour and to serve as a judge for the Ag Festival held every year, it felt that most of my experiences had everything to do with food and very little to do with anything else.

Mind you, I’m not complaining. Discovering Maui’s food scene, as well as being able to meet so many of the farmers and chefs was is a highlight of any visit to the island.

GirlGoneTravel is a registered trademark

Getting a Trademark: The Why and How

Recently, I received the good news that my brand, Girl Gone Travel, has officially and finally had its trademark approved, registered, and published. So, really, it’s now Girl Gone Travel® (to be noted on my logo as soon as my designer/art director/husband gets to it!)

I started the process in March of 2014, so more than a year ago. Through the advice of friends, a few of them active lawyers, I did it through Legal Zoom. There’s a lot I didn’t know, and a lot I need to learn still, but I know that getting my trademark was a necessary step for my growing brand. When Domain.ME, the provider of the personal URLs that end in .ME, asked me to write a tech-friendly post that could be helpful and informative to my readers I thought to share this experience, which is fitting since as company, they aim to promote thought leadership to the tech world.