Saying Goodbye to The Last Days of Summer

Goodbye to The Last Days of Summer

I can’t believe that summer is almost over. It just seems to have flown by. Normally, around this time of year, most parents are excited about the beginning of school and there have been days during this summer when I have been there too. But most of the time I want to hold on just a bit longer. I want more time. A few more days of lazy mornings and happy, laughing children in pajamas. Of carefree days of pancake eating afternoons and late night movie watching in the middle of the week.

I want more time of stargazing and rock climbing, of sea shell collecting, and fire fly chasing. 

Vacation on Le Boat_girlgonetravel

Vacationing on Le Boat

This year has been full of amazing road trips adventures. I have always said that one of the reasons I enjoy road trips so much is because of all the things you can see that you wouldn’t otherwise were you on a plane. The road trip through the Southwest that I took with my girlfriends on an RV was a great way of turning the fun of road tripping and camping into one fun experience with friends.

While in France, and in between road trips, I took the experience to the next level with Le Boat. Le Boat are boat vacation rentals that you can sleep in, cook in, hang out in – much like an RV – except your journey takes you along the canals of the European destination of your choice. On this trip, some friends and I ventured through most of the Canal du Midi taking off near Carcassonne, for a taste of the life on a boat.

park central new york_girlgonetravel

A Staycation Full of New York City History

The fast changing pace of New York City makes it easy for those who visit, and even some of those who live there, to miss details of its history. It’s easy to walk past a landmark and not really notice its significance for being there, or into a restaurant and not even know about events that might have taken place years, if not centuries, ago.

New York City is not the oldest city in the state – that title belongs to Albany, founded in 1614, making it the oldest settlement North of Virginia. But it’s pretty old.

Adirondacks photography_girlgonetravel

Behind the photo series: Unplugged

After an intense professional day, I needed to just unplug and be with my family. My oldest wasn’t able to join us because of a recent knee surgery, so in a way the pictures in this series which I call “Unplugged” aren’t complete, but still they captured the perfection of what happens when we have no other distractions, nothing else to do, but be together.

We started our morning early, after a night in a cabin in front of Arbutus pond in the Adirondack Park. The peace and serenity of the morning is one that can, if you are craving it as much as I was on that morning, make your eyes tear up a bit.


Talking about Diversity in the Adirondacks

This past weekend, my family and I headed to the town of Newcomb in the beautiful Adirondacks. We’ve been to the area before and have enjoyed it, but the purpose of my visit this time was as an invited guest speaker at the symposium “Toward A More Diverse Adirondacks“, where educators, scientists, sociologists, business leaders, and community members addressed the lack of diversity in the community, its effect on the sustainability of the park and the overall well-being and growth of the area.

I came in as a professional in the travel industry and as a frequent speaker on issues of diversity and tourism, to talk about how to best improve perceptions, raise positive awareness of the area among minority travelers, and how to best cater to and attract that community.

It was an interesting role to be in, as I am neither a native nor a resident of the area, whereas a lot of people, if not everyone there, was one or both.

There were many voices represented throughout this all-day discussion, and, as is often the case in conversations on diversity, it was at times very personal and very passionate. It was also exhausting. These discussions took place as my emotions are still reeling from all that is happening in Ferguson – an issue that has been emotionally draining to watch unfold.

But what I wanted to share here was my overall excitement about the fact that this continues to be a conversation happening in not just the urban areas of our country, but also in the rural ones. That community members are becoming aware of their surroundings and are starting to come together for change. A lot of the concerns addressed during the symposium are concerns shared with those I have connected and worked with in the past, like the National Parks Foundation, who in partnership with the American Latino Heritage Fund, worked to try to change perceptions of minorities and the outdoors. 

Teen driver_girlgonetravel

Road tripping with a teen driver

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It’s road tripping season and if you are the parent of an older teen, you are probably getting the requests to let them drive. I know I am. Almost daily, but especially when planning our road trips.

My teen will be getting his license in just two months, when he turns 17, and ever since he got his permit he wants to drive everywhere.

As we take one road trip season, he is more than happy to volunteer his services. Of course it’s freaking me out, but I know that during this time, when he is restricted to driving with us, it’s crucial he learns the Dos and Don’ts of the road.


Two Days in Copenhagen with Kids

My girlfriend Julia, our almost 4-year old daughter Ida, and I headed to Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark, before concluded our little family vacation in Denmark this year.  I was excited about getting to know another European metropolis after we spent a week in the Danish countryside which included castles, beaches, a white chalk cliff, and several small towns.


The Radisson Giveaway

Summer is coming to an end, and if you are like me, you are left contemplating on the many places you will want to see but haven’t gotten to just yet.

Oh, if only there were more time.

We may not be able to slow down summer, but Radisson wants to help in making your vacations that much sweeter, any time of the year, for the rest of your life. Radisson is giving away a stay for life and you can win. Just visit for more information and to enter. Make sure to let them know where you’ll stay this year!

Protect your home during travel_girlgonetravel

Securing your home when traveling

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Of all the travel tips we often get before setting off on a fun adventure somewhere, rarely do people talk about the importance of securing your home.

When we travel, and because we travel so often, we make sure that the things we leave behind are protected.

It’s not enough to think that you are being cautious and discreet when leaving your home for travel, even when you think no one is really looking. I have learned that more often than not people are paying very close attention. After we returned from our extended vacation abroad I had more than just my immediate next door neighbors asking us about our trip. It’s kind of scary, right?

romance in bordeaux_girlgonetravel

Behind the photo: The Couple

We had arrived to Bordeaux with my heart full of excitement. I had been here before and was eager to do all the things I had loved to do, but this time with my family.

One such thing was photographing the sunset, which are some of the most beautiful I have ever experienced in the country.