New Home, New Chapter

We have lived in our cool New Jersey town for 3.5 years now. The move from New York seemed bittersweet at first, though sweeter as we looked forward to settling down in a place that offered more room, more serenity, and a new scene. NYC is only a 30 minute train ride, but it feels like a world away, in the good sense, and we have enjoyed living the best of both worlds.

The years flew by. I almost can’t believe it. If you have followed me all along you might even agree that it feels like only yesterday.

Princess Cruise_Girlgonetravel

Champagne, Celebrities, and The Love Boat Experience

The Love Boat. If you say those words to anyone over the age of 35, more than likely they’ll belt the tune from the hit TV show right back atcha. Of course, only one line. Does anyone really know the rest of the song?


Losing my breath in Athens, Greece

It was early Sunday morning, and my last few hours in Athens. I made my way out of the hotel and to the metro to catch a glimpse of what everyone, visitor and local, had said I had to make sure to see before I left: the Parthenon.

In an effort to avoid the tour crowds that tend to take over the area later in the morning, I made sure to be the first one there. The climb up the hill was a peaceful one as I walked past the Acropolis museum and bookstore, past the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, and up the stone stairs to the temple of Athena.


Blogging Practices that Pay Off

Every once in awhile it’s good to dust yourself off from lessons learned and start anew. Before I move on with what promises to be an exciting year, I wanted to share some of the insight over the years that have made managing my brand and blogging career easier over time.


WiFi & Power During Blackouts with APC Back-UPS Connect

Winter has been slow in coming here to the East Coast but according to the most recent weather report, that’s all about to change with snow storms and freezing weather in the forecast.

Since Hurricane Sandy, where we experienced a 10-day electrical outage (and we were the lucky ones), we’ve tried to take measures to make sure that we are not left disconnect from the world when everything else goes dark again.


Before I kiss 2014 Goodbye

Thank you for another wonderful year of readership, friendship, community, support, and affection.

This wonderful life of ours has been a beautiful roller coaster of lessons in family, marriage, courage, and the pursuit of individual passions.

girl gone travel

Reflecting back on 2014, with gratitude

As I sit here amidst work documents, holiday wrapping paper, and cards from friends, my teen is at the mall where he drove himself to go holiday shopping.

This is where my life is now. No matter what else is happening around me, these changes happening in my family are what consume me and are shaping every minute of my day and my being.

It’s been an insanely, beautiful year.


GIVEAWAY: Win a Trip for Two with JetBlue

I have a confession.

I have never taken my little ones to the Dominican Republic. I took my oldest when he was a younger, but he doesn’t even remember it.

I’ve been many times for work, for  romantic getaways with my husband, but never with my kids.

I don’t know why that is. I am very proud of my heritage. I talk about it all the time with my kids. It’s a part of their cultural upbringing. It’s in the food they eat everyday. In the language we speak at home. In the dance lessons I give my teen (Here’s a video of me teaching him to dance merengue. He’s pretty good!).


Love, Friendship, and Travel: Girlfriend Getaway on The Regal Princess

Do you have those days when you throw your hands up? You wish you could transport yourself to someplace and just chill. No worries. No email. No Facebook.

My friend Lisa and I were asked go on the inaugural cruise of Princess Cruises’ newest ship, the Regal Princess. Talk about a respite!


Follow Up to the White House Travel Blogger Summit

There is a lot of information that I am still processing from the White House Travel Blogger Summit. What an honor that experience was.

Bloggers from all over the country and the world were present. From the moment we all came together the night before, conversations on study, volunteerism, and work abroad surrounded the space around us. It was clear that despite the fact that we all came from different parts of the world, different backgrounds, and different experiences, this topic was one we all were passionate about.