Press Trip Conundrum: What do we owe in return?

I love a good press trip. Some hold up their noses to it. Others see them as their sole means for travel. I am neither extreme. I appreciate a good press trip for the same reasons I appreciate any opportunity to obtain content for work. Over the years I have gotten better in the press trip, or “fam” trip, practices. I am more selective, more inquisitive, and more conservative with the asks in the contracts I am often required to sign ahead of time.

I’ve learned to “calm down” when it comes to press trip invitations, meaning, I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t immediately say yes, no questions asked, and actually take a day or two to respond to an invite.


What I learned from the We All Grow Summit

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Part of one’s journey through life is in trying to figure out their place in it. We are always searching for a place to belong, a community, and space where we can let our hair down and be ourselves, and be accepted for it.

In blogging, this is no different. Not every blogger is the same, though our paths may often cross and we may be connected here or there. For many of us, our community is where we find our support, or wisdom, our courage, and our spirit.


Staying in touch with updates and latest news

I’ve been pretty busy as of late, more than I can cover in just one little blog post. Speaking of blog posts, I’ve been sort of slow in getting them on my site, but I assure you, I’ve been plenty busy writing!

2015 has turned out to be a big year. And it’s only March.


Winter road tripping packing tips

We aren’t done with winter just yet, but my family and I haven’t let the cold weather and snow stop us from taking day-long or weekend road trips to some of our favorite nearby destinations.

Los Angeles travels

Los Angeles from a New Yorker’s Point of View

I have been to Los Angeles a lot more times than I ever thought I would. When asked, I have confessed to not being its biggest fan. It is spread out and difficult to navigate. The weather is wonderful, and its got some interesting areas, but the minute I get stuck in traffic or find myself needing to load an app and search for discount codes just so that I can get to my hotel or anywhere else in the city, that little bubble of affection bursts.

ohio vacations_girlgonetravel

Five Reasons to Visit Sandusky in The Winter

There are many reasons to visit Ohio’s Lake Erie area during the warmer months. Areas like Kelleys Island, Put-in-Bay (or South Bass Island), and Middle Bass Island are just a few of the top reasons why visitors flock to the area every summer, making this one of the most popular destinations for warm weather travel.

But, what about the winter? Granted, many of the beach areas are closed for the season. Spots that would normally be bustling in the middle of July seem quiet and sleepy in the dead of winter, when temperatures can easily go below zero and snowstorms are a regular occurrence.


Heading to Los Angeles for the #WeAllGrowSummit

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This February 26-28, 2015, I will be in Los Angeles attending the first ever We All Grow Summit by Latina Bloggers Connect.

Los Cabos for Girl Gone Travel (2)

A Recovered Los Cabos – Hacienda Encantada

Los Cabos – Beauty, Warmth and Fun at Hacienda Encantada

I don’t live that far from Mexico – a few hours’ drive and I could be over the California border. During the last few years we’ve heard all sorts of terrible things happening to our neighbor country. Between the violence and devastating Hurricane Odile, it just hasn’t been on the top of my list to visit. And that’s a shame really. Mexico has given me much joy for many, many years – from cheap party weekends in college, communing with wildlife while camping along Baja, surfing trips on the Sea of Cortez, to romantic getaways in its resorts. That’s a lot of joy.


Romantic Travel Destination: Dublin, Ireland

People often ask me what my favorite travel destination is. It’s a toss-up between Scotland and Ireland. But between the two, I have to say that Dublin, Ireland was one of the most romantic trips I have ever taken with my husband.

girl gone travel _playa del carmen

Playa del Carmen: An intro to Mexico

As I write this the chilly wind keeps forcing the frozen branches outside to slap against my window pane. My house is warm but I can’t help but feel a slight chill come over me. “It’s freakin’ cold outside,” I think as I grab a warm cup of tea, in the hopes that it will make me forget.

Oh, to be back in Mexico, on the beaches of Playa del Carmen, taking in the rays and drinking a Negra Modelo.