Speaking Out on What’s Happening In Dominican Republic

I have often written, both here on this site and across social media, about my Dominican heritage and my pride for the same.

And today, I want to write something a little different that I hope you will read as well.

commercial copy

#EnjoytheRide: My Citibank Commercial

It’s been a few days now, but I have been too busy to post the commercial that I did with Citibank for Citi Card in their #EnjoytheRide campaign.

Family is everything

This is the foundation upon which I raise my children. This is the mantra I repeat in my head. And this week, where one of the most important milestones of my family’s life took place, and where I haven’t, until now, been able to work or blog, barely tweet or Facebook, I have had to exhale in release of the stress from the pressure that I place on myself for being “quiet” and “absent” and remind myself, “family first”. It’s interesting how we often talk about the freedom that blogging and social media has provided so many of us. The freedom to create our own businesses and carve our own name and reputation in this space, and yet, I have found, so many of us trapped. Trapped in the expectations we feel others have of us, to the extent that this so-called freedom we claim to have becomes a lie.

The #BringItinTravel Photo Contest Winner

First let me say that I think it a beautiful thing to share travel with others. I say this simply based on how happy it made me and those involved in going through the entries of this contest feel when we looked through them.


Bring It with Canon in Brooklyn, plus a GIVEAWAY!

Ever wonder what happens when you go to one of New York City’s coolest borough, for an event in one of its coolest venues, with 150 of the coolest people around?

I got to find out during Canon’s Bring It in Brooklyn event at Brooklyn Bowl in the trendy neighborhood of Williamsburg.

Girl Gone Travel_Paris _all rights reserved

Setting out on a new French wine adventure!

I am proud to announce that for the third year in a row, I will be working with Atout France as one of their wine ambassadors.

Antigua,Guatemala_GirlGoneTravel Photography_All Rights Reserved

Antigua, Guatemala and my return for Cooperative for Education

My newfound love for Guatemala has stayed with me since my recent visit. Sharing the different stories from that visit over the next few weeks is something I am excited about.

One of the most-visited areas that I ventured into was Antigua, Guatemala. Formerly the capital city, it has a lot of the beauty and romanticism one would expect from the highlands of Guatemala. The colorful architecture and cobblestone streets are stuck in colonial times, designating it a UNESCO Heritage Site.

People of Guatemala_All rights

The people of Guatemala

I have hundreds and hundreds of photos from my recent trip to Guatemala. Going through them made me smile more times than I can count.

When thinking about where I wanted to start in sharing my Guatemalan story with you, it was the faces of the people I met along the way that made me the happiest. So, of course, this seemed like that perfect intro.


Canon Bring It in Brooklyn

I’m excited to announce a partnership with Canon for their Bring It in Brooklyn event this week. I am also trying out their new Canon EOS Rebel T6i, which I am enjoying.

I’ve followed Canon’s Bring It campaign for some time now on Twitter and have loved the photos that they’ve shared.


I Want To Go There

You know those vision boards that people always talk about? The ones where you post cut outs and images of things you want, or images that represent a place you want to be in your life, whether professionally or personally, or images that inspire action, like home decor or fashion statements? I think they call that Pinterest now, but if you are a lover of travel or a wanderluster at heart, the vision boards you want to check out, and create for yourself, are in Findery.