Perfect Day with Go City Card: The Cloisters Museum

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This week started a bit on the rough side, as if loosing an hour to daylight savings wasn’t enough, my family and I got hit with a 24-hour virus that left me feeling a tad out of sorts till only a day ago.

It was time to get out of the apartment. Breathe some fresh air. Take in some sunshine and start over.

Lucky for me, I was invited by Go City Cards to experience the city, and offered me three entries to any of the many attractions and venues they provide access to. I jumped at the opportunity, because no one likes to play tourist in her own city more than me.

I decided to make use of one entry yesterday. The weather was sunny and warm enough to require only a sweater. Spring was clearly in the air, and with the kids in school for a few hours, this Mama decided to ditch work and take some precious “me time” outside.

I didn’t venture far from my Washington Heights neighborhood, as a matter of fact, I didn’t even leave the neighborhood at all, for only a few blocks away is the gorgeous Ft. Tryon Park, and in it is The Cloisters Museum, a branch of The Metropolitan Museum of Art devoted to the art and architecture of medieval Europe. Though the museum is small in comparison to its affiliate, it houses an impressive collection, including manuscripts, metalwork, enamels, ivories, and tapestries. The most famous of their tapestry collection are the unicorn tapestries, donated by John D. Rockefeller, who also donated the land around the museum and much if the artwork you will see there. Also included are a collection of stain glass windows displayed throughout, which on an early, sunny day give new life to the room the illuminate as well as the displays around them.

I feel a sense of transformation when walking around the stone walls and through the beautiful gardens of this wonderful museum. That is one of its major draws. The views are breathtaking, and the details and history of the art take you in time.

I covered the museum, after sitting in the garden for a bit, in a little over 2 hours. Using my Go City Card was simple, no need to show ID or stand on a special line, or fill out any type of paperwork. The whole process was effortless.

To further compliment this NYC experience, I took a walk to The New Leaf Restaurant and Bar, an endowment of Bette Midler’s New York Restorations Project and a delightful place to have a nice drink, in a serene environment. The staff is incredibly friendly, and very proud of the establishment. They have every right to be. You couldn’t ask for a better location than Ft. Tryon park, a short walk from the Cloisters and the food is delicious. On this day, I enjoyed a salad and a carrot and ginger soup, perfect for the day!

In getting out there and reconnecting with my city through the places I love my spirit was lifted. Go City Card has access to a lot of other favorite NY activities, such as tours through fun places, like Radio City Music Hall, Madison Square Garden or even NBC Backstage. They offer access to exhibits in places like Madame Tussaud’s, the Intrepid Space Museum and more. Food tours, shopping tours, boat rides, in different parts of NYC, and packaged how you want it. By going to the Go City Card Site site, you can set up how many entries you’d like to offer, what type of experience you’d like, in what ever city you’d like, and even how many experiences you’d like to have access to. Easy to do, easy to use for a perfect NYC day.

As for me, walking through the park, and through Heather’s Garden, which is already in bloom and smells heavenly, was the icing on my perfect NYC day. The museum and park are a true sanctuary away from the hectic, busy NY life. Exactly what I needed, and what I hope you can come and experience soon!



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6 Responses to Perfect Day with Go City Card: The Cloisters Museum

  1. I would go to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

  2. kim says:

    I've always wanted to see the American museum of natural history. Even more so after seeing Night at the Museum!!

  3. Emiel says:


    As a Dutch family we surely want to hop on some bikes in NYC! We would love to go on the Bike and Roll Brooklyn Bridge Tour.

    Btw Carol, how does this Card differ from other passes available for visitors, like the New York City Pass or the New York pass? There is much to choose from 🙂



    • Carol Cain says:

      Hi Emiel! There is little difference among all of these cards overall. They all offer access to many of the same venues and attraction, similar discounts, and similar benefits (line skips). I however, have used this company in previous travels and trust them and their product. I love that they are not exclusive to NYC, and I have enjoyed being their customer is the past. With that experience is where my recommendation comes in : ) Thanks for reading and good luck!

  4. Carol Cain says:

    CONGRATULATIONS Emiel!! You are the winner of the GO CITY CARD giveaway!! Will email you soon!!

  5. Emiel says:

    Thanks so much Carol! We are going to have so much fun in New York City! Cannot wait….

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