Adventures Galore at Finger Lakes, New York

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The first time I heard about the Finger Lakes  in upstate New York was while sipping on one of their delicious red wines and laughing it up with one of their lovely tourism representatives – the ladies are indeed lovely, but the wine definitely helped bring on the laughter.

At first I thought it was no more than just a lovely wine area with its over 100 world class wineries, making it the country’s top wine producing regions known for its Rieslings, Gewurztraminer and Ice Wine.

However, this is just one of the very many great things the area has to offer. Turns out The Finger Lakes covers over 9,000 square miles of outdoor sceneries naturally prepped for adventures perfect for families, lovers, foodies and even training athletes to enjoy.

Events are coordinate year round to help visitors explore and take full advantage of the area during their visit, no matter what time of year.

From culinary exploration and nature events to museums visits, flying lessons, and a NASCAR track experience, it seems they have a lot covered when it comes to unique family vacations.

I was delighted to hear about the recent launch of their Nature Health Club activities, which are a series of experiences, activities and challenges for the fitness traveler looking to stay fit, prepare for a special occasion or even train for a triathlon, all while taking advantage of their many diverse trails and of course beautiful lakes. Visitors who enjoy the Nature’s Health Club trails and are looking for a bigger challenge are encouraged to enhance their health focus by participating in Ontario County’s inaugural Finger Lakes TRYathlon  June 9, 2012. The day-long TRYathlon will include a unique mixture of kayaking, hiking and cycling led by an Olympic trainer.

Who knew?  I would’ve been happy to visit the area just for the wine alone, but seems to me like it’s time to pack my bags and head upstate and check out what all the awesome hype is about. I think my kids would have a blast…and if they don’t join me, I can always just have a spa day or two – wine glass in hand.


For additional information regarding the Nature’s Health Club trails, please visit or “Visit Finger Lakes” on Facebook at or Twitter at


Photos courtesy of The Finger Lakes, New York.


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  1. I heard it was beautiful in the Finger Lakes and your photos prove it!

  2. What a wonderful story! Thank you so much. It's great living in such an amazing place. 🙂

    Bicultural Mama. It certainly is beautiful up here. You should come visit us!

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