Homemade Strawberry Jam Recipe

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My children love strawberry jam. Love it. My 6 year old is happiest eating peanut butter and jam sandwiches every day for lunch if we let him.

Of course as the concern for what my children eat grew, I became frustrated in realizing that almost every jam and jelly product available in stores contains high fructose corn syrup – well, almost everything today contains high fructose corn syrup, but that’s another story.

I started buying organic brands at about $4-$5 dollars for a small 8oz jar, which in my house lasts nothing thus making this a very expensive option.

Lucky me, Elizabeth Mascali, one of the two lovely talents behind the party planning site Partybluprints, had seen me share a tweet of one of my homemade mini loaves which I served for breakfast this past Saturday. She in turn shared with me that she was making strawberry jam.

Of course I had to ask her to share the recipe with me and I braced for a complex, multiple item recipe, forgetting that the beauty of the recipes that Elizabeth and Dawn share (Dawn Sandomeno is the other wonderful half behind the Partybluprints success) is that they are short, easy, and not complicated at all.

From cocktails and appetizers to main dishes and perfect wine parings, these ladies have it covered in a way that is non-intimidating and easy to do. I often devour their site for many party ideas, or just inspiration on doing something unique and special for my guys here at home.

Elizabeth’s strawberry jam took me about 45-50 minutes to prepare. I doubled the recipe because my kids will eat this stuff up in no time. I was so excited by the result and my kids’ reaction that I had to share with you all as well. No more store bought, over-priced jams for me! I’m looking forward to going further with blueberries and raspberries and…well, you get the idea.

Check out Elizabeth’s Simple Strawberry Jam Recipe at the Partybluprints blog and for more ideas for your party or everyday enjoyment, check out their book Plan to Party!

Thanks Elizabeth and Dawn for continuing to inspire and for your overall awesomeness.


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Enjoyed this post? Give it some love and share!

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  1. Credit goes to Elizabeth, but thanks for the shout out! It's so delicious and easy. Thanks for sharing it here.

  2. Janine says:

    OK I'm trying this! Have you tried it with other fruit?

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