Travel Movie for Kids: Hotel Transylvania

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Ok, ok. I don’t ever really review movies on this site. Often times when asked, I have to turn it down because I know I wouldn’t have much to say – with not being a movie critic and all.

I am going to make this one exception to talk about Hotel Transylvania – you know, the kid-flick opening in theaters this Friday, September 28th, 2012.

I went to see it this past weekend for the preview in NYC which was filled with more celebrities than even my in-the-know-husband could keep up with. Don’t ask me, I am awful at these things. All my years in NY rendered me jaded and incapable of identifying celebrities beyond the often clueless “Oh, there’s that woman, from that movie, that we saw that one time!” Yup. That’s me.

It was a fun event because I did see a lot of familiar celebrity faces (whose name I didn’t know) and was taking my kids to a movie they have been itching to see.

But, more about Hotel Transylvania and how it relates to travel.

Aside from the fact that it’s about a hotel for monsters, it’s also about the coming of age of Mavis, a young vampire teen turning 118 years old (starring the voice of Selena Gomez) and her father, Count Dracula himself (starring the voice of Adam Sandler) who is having a hard time letting go.

The twist comes when Mavis meets (human) Jonathan (Andy Samberg), a backpacker drawn to the hotel for the same reason most backpackers would be – the sense of cool potential for adventure. Suddenly, though not a backpacker myself, I could relate.

I found hilarity as Jonathan shared tales of horror while at his latest hostel and most recent backpacking expeditions. I found it awesome that he encourages Mavis’ hunger for adventure with tales of countries he’s been to and sights he’s seen.

Through a series of comedic incidents and twists, made funnier by the talent of Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Fran Drescher, David Spade, and Kevin James – just to name a few – what I most enjoyed was how travel, whether through messages or images, and the adventure in discovery of new places, was a huge motivator throughout the film.

As a mother who wants her own children to want to seek these things when they come of age, and who wants her boys to grow up with enough courage to break away from the norm and set out for something different and unique within themselves, hopefully through travel, I relished in the imagery set before them.

Yes, Hotel Transylvania had great dialogue, was funny, was well made and produced, and we all enjoyed it very much, but I love the movie for how it embraced travel and all the wonder it brings.

Making this a must-see travel movie with the kids. Who knows? It might even inspire you all to actually visit Transylvania one day.


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