Bonding Over Beauty with Benefit Cosmetics in SOHO

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I will admit that I feel very, very lucky to have a daughter. Of course, I adore my two nearly-grown sons, but raising boys and girls are very different endeavors, and my girl and I have a bond that is, in many ways, more intense than my bond with my sons. Part of this is her age. She’s nine, a full on ‘tween, and looks to me to advise her through the ups and downs of negotiating the growing-up process. She’s very much a tomboy, but as she approaches adolescence and middle school, she’s becoming increasingly interested in the trappings of older girlhood—including makeup. So, when I asked her if she wanted to spend a day with me in the city, including an event for moms and daughters at Benefit Cosmetics, she was all over it.

Benefit Cosmetics, located in SOHO at 454 W Broadway, is a girlie paradise without being saccharine. Like the brand’s packaging, there’s plenty of sass and fun, and we were shown a great time by both the staff and Mama Drama’s Holly and Erin, who hosted. My girl hopped up into a chair and makeup artist Marcus went to work giving her the first makeover of her life. She’s typically not allowed to wear makeup, but Marcus added just a little glow to her cheeks, a subtle shimmer to her lids, and just a touch of gloss. He enhanced her beauty while keeping it pretty and age-appropriate. Her smile lit up the room when she saw how she looked.

As for me, Marcus worked his magic on my under-eye bags, during which I discovered It’s Potent! under-eye cream, which I’m pretty sure is going to change my life. The other life-changer (I’m not even kidding—this is huge) was having my brows tinted. My brows are lighter than my hair and tend to disappear on my face. I’ve been using pencil to fill them in for years, but it inevitably looks fake. After being tinted, they look natural and I don’t have to mess with pencils or brushes. This is definitely going to be a regular part of my beauty regimen in the future.

Aside from being beautified, my girl and I sipped pink lemonade (her) and champagne (me) and nibbled on gorgeous pink and white treats while perusing the products. I’ve been a fan of Benefit for ages, but really enjoyed discovering new products and sharing the experience with my daughter. I would go so far as to say that a visit to Benefit for a little beauty TLC is a must-do for any mother and daughter spending a day in Soho. Enjoy!



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