Beach, Sun, and Ice Cream at Ipswich, MA

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Several summers ago, we made plans to visit our friends near Boston, MA.  We were excited to return, since we had enjoyed Boston so much last time we visited.  What we didn’t know at the time was that this weekend would be the weekend when NYC would experience its first heat wave with degrees rising past the 90s.

Now, for all the love that I have for my city, on days like those experienced in the summers here, I like to venture out-of-town, away from the hot streets and muggy subways.  With playground sprinklers unavailable to kiddos till at least after Memorial Day weekend, being in the city without any ability to cool off can been torture.

The trip to MA was a bit hectic, as it seemed that we joined the exodus of New Yorkers escaping the city heat for the weekend. But the trip to the following day was absolute heaven.

We drove to the charming town of Ipswich, MA, about an hour from Framingham, where we were staying, and past wonderful scenic views. The boys loved driving past the creeks and horse farms.  I enjoyed passing the bed and breakfasts snug in the hills and the beautiful Victorian homes.







When we arrived to Crane Beach, the sun was glaring at us full force.  The visit to the beach was a surprise from our hosts, so we weren’t really dressed appropriately, but it didn’t matter much.  The water was ice-cold, the kind of cold where you feel your toes go numb after a few long minutes standing in it.  Nonetheless, the beach was crowded, full of families with little ones, none of which seemed to mind the cold water too much. The water was a beautiful blue, and the sand, soft to the touch was a warm, glowing tan.





img_4621It didn’t take my boys too long to start stripping down to their underwear and diaper.  Even my then 11-year-old who had worn his sleeping short underneath his jeans, joined in on the fun.  Crazy kids even jumped into the freezing water, with my then 3.5 year quickly making a friend in the process.







It seemed that aside from the adults, the only one that seemed to mind the chilly water was our friends’ little daughter.  She stood along the shore with her mommy, or took walks with her parents, or peacefully sat with her daddy while she watched the boys splashing around.





The hours flew, and my 3.5 kept saying, “I love the beach!” “I love the beach!” “I love the beach!”  The boys even took a nice long walk with us (the beach stretches 8 miles and is a beautiful walk to take), watching the kites fly, the seagulls fly, and the small waves crashing in. Everyone at the beach was lovely and friendly, greeting us as we walked by and letting our children join in a game or two. We laughed so much, and had such a great time.  It felt like summer!




mamas-boysAfter several hours at the beach, they kids all started to get a little too red and a little too tired.  So we packed up and made our way out.  No one complained that we were leaving, well except the 3.5 year old who insisted on being carried out!

We stopped at a nearby favorite in Middleton, MA,  Richardson’s Ice Cream. The lines were long, the choices were plenty, the boys were irritable and hot.  So while daddy waited in the car with them, my friends and I stood on the long line and ordered our treats.  All in all, it was worth the wait! We were hoping to do some mini golfing right next door, but decided to leave it for some other time.




The day was amazing.



img_4692 After an amazing dinner from our hosts, we tucked in the little ones. They were both passed out on the bed, snoring, exhausted. A clear sign that the day’s adventure was a success!






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