Beetnik Foods: Farm to Table Gourmet Food Delivery

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Something really wonderful is happening in the world of food. More and more people are becoming passionate about consuming and serving high quality, healthy and responsible food options. It’s a beautiful thing, especially as we learn about all the negative ways in which food affects our health and our habits.

But it’s not enough for us to want to change our habits if other realities in our lives remain the same. Truth is, time is often still limited, and we’re not all pros in the kitchen. There are a lot of different food delivery services out there trying to appeal to those of us who could use the help, but the question remains: How are they getting the food from? How is it prepared? Where is it coming from?

To get the answers to these questions and more, I visited the test kitchen of one of the fastest growing gourmet food delivery sites, Beetnik Foods, and spoke to co-founder and chef, David Perkins, in Austin, TX.

Chef Perkins and his team were busy at work when I arrived to check them out. The test kitchen smelled divine with the aroma of their Chocolate Chili Pecanito brownies. Chef was busy cutting up steak that he had planned to have me taste.

Perkins, trained at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, is not only passionate about food, but also about respecting all facets of the food process, from the farm all the way to the table. This passion and commitment is what guides Beetnik in their partnerships with local farmers who source the food products they serve.

Beetnik Foods

It also carries itself to other aspects of the business, such as the delivery, where the commitment to the land and the effort to decrease the footprints on the same has led them to invest in packaging products that are environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

Beetnik Foods

Is it always the least expensive way to go? Not really, but Perkins and his team believe that responsible food and responsible business practices go hand-in-hand, and respecting the land remains at the top of who they are as a brand, whether it be through the selection of the farms they work with and all that comes from them; the methods in which the animal is raised, slaughtered, prepped, and packaged; to the mark made at the destination receiving the end product.

This commitment is one you can taste too. It’s hard to really translate taste into words, but I will say that the steak – because it came from grass-fed cows, who grazed on chemical-free land, who were raised and slaughtered in ways that didn’t cause stress on the animal, and were attained from small, local farmers nearby – had a great coloring to it when raw, was without excessive fat, and was smaller than meat one would see coming from other, more commercial farms. The pasta, made from brown rice, and the vegetables, harvested from organic farms and always seasonal, where awe-inspiring in the powerful flavors that can only come from fresh, natural food.

Beetnik Foods

And that’s the goal, to deliver a true farm to table experience to those of us who may be too busy to visit the farm ourselves and who could use the help and benefit from the convenience of having really good food accessible to us, despite our busy lives or our lack of accessibility to food sources.

Beetnik delivers individual food items, or entire dinner boxes. The site offers recipe ideas and tasting menus with options like Grill Packs, Paleo, and Gluten Free menus.

For many of us, it’s not enough that the food be delicious. We want to trust that the people behind our food honor our desire to eat better, healthier, more responsibly. We want to trust that, despite our hectic schedules, these values will remain true from farm to table. I was excited to learn that Beetnik is leading the way.

I want to thank Chef David Perkins and his team for letting me pop in to their Austin digs on such short notice to check them out, for chatting with me, and most of all for feeding me so much delicious food.

I always get excited when I meet people who are doing great things with food, and Beetnik is the real deal. I encourage you to check them out at and give them a try. Oh, and those brownies I mentioned? Ah-mazing!


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2 Responses to Beetnik Foods: Farm to Table Gourmet Food Delivery

  1. Lucy Hansen says:

    Terrible experience with these guys. My food came spoiled and they refused to refund because of some fine print on their website "ship at your own risk" in tiny letters. They were incredibly hard to get ahold of and get a response from and were very cold on the phone.

    I am so disappointed in this company.

    Beware, their customer service it the worst! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!

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