Our Road Trip Experience with GMC and OnStar

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There are many things that made our West Coast road trip so much fun, but one of the things that really allowed us to enjoy ourselves, and the road was the comfort and confidence we had in our GMC Yukon Denali luxury SUV. Thanks to the generous sponsorship from OnStar, we drove the vehicle from Seattle to Los Angeles completely content with our reliable, and pretty massive ride.
The vehicle was so huge that we wondered, upon arriving to Redwood State Park and Natural Forest, if it was even going to make it through the drive-thru tree. Imagine our giddy excitement when it did!

GMC Onstar_GirlGoneTravel

But, aside from the size outside, we really enjoyed the space inside. The interior included the roomy front row, in addition to two bucket seats in the middle row, and a bench seat in the back. But it also meant a large trunk to fit all our luggage and little road trip trinkets along the way.

It took us a bit to familiarize ourselves with the car, which let to some funny moments, like when we realized our poor children had been suffering the summer heat for miles because we (the parents) were completely unaware of the “rear” button that allowed the flow of AC to circulate ALL around. Or the time, I thought I was going crazy because I felt like my entire body was heating up. I thought, “Seat heaters!” but couldn’t find any! Turns out it was seat heaters (and coolers as well!) conveniently located on the side doors.



But, we most enjoyed the OnStar services. We used them most for navigational services, but also to make a call (when our cellphone had no service). It’s kind of cool to press the little OnStar button and have a friendly voice greet you, by your name, and help you out while on the road. I don’t have OnStar services in my little car and can tell you, once you try it, it has a way of spoiling you a little bit.

Another really useful feature for OnStar users is their free mobile app, Remote Link. You can do a lot with it, like check the pressure of your tires and overall “health” of you car. We used it most to check the fuel levels before hitting the road. There were spots where the price of gas was really, really high. So everyday before heading out, and to help keep our budget in check, we would check our fuel levels to see if we could make it to the next town over where the gas might be cheaper. It really helped to plan our day and map out ways to keep our finances in check while traveling.


We can’t thank GMC and OnStar enough for the opportunity they gave us in not only driving the Yukon Denali, but also to test out the OnStar services, both of which we really enjoyed and truly helped to compliment our road trip experience.


OnStar was the vehicle sponsor of our 2013 Road Trip Adventure, otherwise known as our #gAdvRoadTrip. I received no request to express any particular point of view. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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