Travel Memories: It’s The Little Things

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I’m in the car running errands with my teen…the fun stuff: groceries, post office, bank. Really thrilling stuff.

We’ve just returned from our Mediterranean cruise, and I am still feeling the effects of jet lag, but I haven’t had any time to really just relax…cause, you know, the thrilling stuff awaits.

“I am so tired,” I whine to my teen (who, by the way, is as happy and as rested as can be, having caught up on endless hours of sleep himself). “It just sucks to be waking up so early!”

Without missing a beat, my teen replies, “Wanna meet up at the Liquid Lounge for our excursion?”

And we both start cracking up. Though it remains a completely random, clueless statement to everyone else around us, for him and me (till the day we die), that is a memory – our memory – made together in travel.

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