Oh, Baby.

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Last November I shared details about the wedding of my baby brother Andres to his beautiful wife Sara. (A Santa Barbara Wedding).

Well, now this amazing couple have amazing news for us all: they are having a baby!

If you think I am writing this post with dry eyes, you underestimate what fabulous news this is to us. I mean, did I tell you it’s my BABY BROTHER?!!?

Yup, my first baby. The one I would cry for if my mom wouldn’t let me hold him. The one I kept trying to sneak into my bed. The one whom I loved to feed and change (the lack of experience resulted with pee on my face a few times). The one who would cry if I was crying and follow me around endlessly, calling me “Cow” because he couldn’t say my name. I have always loved my baby brother Andres so much, so much.

So, him marrying someone who is like the perfect glove and now having a baby…which by the way means I will no longer be the only one with kids…is crazy cool.

I knew Sara was pregnant when we visited this past July during our summer road trip, but I didn’t say anything because how do you tell someone that when they either don’t know themselves or aren’t ready to share that information? I also believe it’s a girl…not so much because that’s what I want, but because it’s what I feel…but, you know, there’s a 50/50 chance that I am wrong about that.

This news is so blog worthy because it is one of the most amazing adventures of my life – experiencing my baby brother become a father. Of course, I feel ancient considering I saw him at the hospital after he was born, but still.

Wow. Speechless.

Here is an image of baby. And I love her (or him) SO MUCH ALREADY.


Congratulations to my beautiful brother and sister-in-law. We are all over the moon. Of all my adventures, this one to-date is my absolute favorite hands down.

And, oh my gosh…I will be in the West Coast so much now.


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5 Responses to Oh, Baby.

  1. Beth says:

    Congratulations to the entire family Carol. I can just hear your excitement when I read the words. Wishing your brother and his beautiful wife the best as they begin their parenting adventure.
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  2. holly says:

    Congrats. That is the BEST news ever.
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  3. Leticia says:

    Aww! Congratulations to you and your family! I love how excited you are to be an aunt! The baby will be so fortunate to have be a part of its life!

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