Bringing the Family Together in The Kitchen This Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is one of our most celebrated cooking holidays at home. For years my children have associated Thanksgiving as a day when our family enjoys dishes not only from their father’s American culture, but also from their mother’s Latino culture – and it’s a great way to get them excited about where we both come from, even if we aren’t traveling there for the holiday.

One of the ways in which I have been able to get my boys interested in not just feasting, but also in preparing for Thanksgiving, is by explaining to them why each dish is so important to us. So, for example, my husband loves green bean casserole, a dish that he enjoyed growing up and one that I make only around that time of year. Explaining to our sons that this was a dish that their father enjoyed when he was their age not only encouraged them to give it a try, but also to learn to shop for all the ingredients when at the store and help in the prep work in the kitchen.

For my Latino family, Thanksgiving always involved pastellitos, or “empanadas”, a dish requiring various steps and several people to make them. Explaining this to my sons, after the dish become a favorite of theirs too, helped them get excited about being involved.

Cat Cora’s Thanksgiving Dish

From last year’s Residence Inn Resident Mom of the Year (yours truly!) to this year’s Resident Mom of the Year, celebrity Chef Cat Cora, we want to ensure your holidays provide ample opportunity to recruit your kids’ helping hands in the kitchen whether at home or on the road. Cat Cora's Thanksgiving Dish

With four hungry boys to feed, Cat also knows a thing or two about cooking up a festive family dish and has put together an exclusive seasonal recipe for Residence Inn. For a great way to jumpstart your kids’ cooking capabilities, check out Chef Cora’s fun delicious recipe on the Family Travel Talk – by Residence Inn … and bon appetite!


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  1. It definitely works every single time for me. 🙂 We had a fun night as a family, lots of laughing, teasing and food-munching. I hope you did too, Carol.

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