Celebrating The Find: West Coast Hotels

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It’s hard when traveling to keep track of all the places you enjoyed long enough to come home and then write about them.

When we took our road trip this summer, I tried really hard to make sure that I covered a lot of the places that made us smile and that I would love to mention to you, but alas…it’s taken me a bit to get around to them all.

In addition to the places I have already written about, here are some other spots, especially some really great lodging spots that we reserved before our trip, have never stayed at before, and walked away feeling like we would definitely want to return.

Woodland Villa Cabins, in Redwood National Forest, CA

We researched lodging options in the Redwoods for quite some time in advance of our trip. We couldn’t decide if we wanted to camp or go luxury. One thing I definitely did not want to do is somewhere that wouldn’t be comfortable or clean. I wasn’t really in the mood to for roughing it because we had such a long road trip ahead of us still by this point, and resting was going to be important. We decided against camping, though camping spots were still available on the because carrying all the gear on our flights to the West Coast would be hard and a lot of the hotels were booked (note: people book their stays way ahead of time for most national park visits).

Woodland Villa_girlgonetravel Woodland Villa_girlgonetravel Woodland Villa_girlgonetravel

My husband found a cabin for us. It was the perfect size for us, and we didn’t even have the absolute largest. Many cabins come with kitchenettes which are one of my favorite features for any lodging experience, especially when traveling with the kids. We were very comfortable and centrally located in the park as well as surrounded by lots of trees. There was a small store next door that also serves food from which we ordered a pie of pizza one night, as well as a gas station. The proximity to the public road, and the gas station next door worried me a bit because it meant a lot of traffic nearby, but we never had a problem and never felt like our belongings were in jeopardy. Owner and operator, Sharon Frymer, actually came out to greet us and spend a few minutes getting to know us. I thought that was a nice touch. There is a large staff there, other than the cleaning staff and some grounds keepers, but we had everything we need, even a public area to roast marshmallows and sit under the stars. We met another traveling family and enjoyed the laid back feel of the place. Getting around to the areas of interest from here was really easy as well, and there were plenty of diners nearby.

Hotel Pacific Monterey, CA

The city of Monterey is insanely cute. The drive along Pebble Beach, a highlight. The Monterey Bay Aquarium is an absolute must and was worth every penny we spent to visit. Dining in one of the overpriced restaurants on the pier is something you should do at least once, especially on a sunny day.

monterey_girlgonetravel monterey_girlgonetravelBut Monterey is expensive and I thought that we wouldn’t be able to find a place to stay without breaking the bank. I certainly didn’t think that we would find a place to stay that would comfortably accommodate us all.

Hotel Pacific Monterey_girlgonetravel Hotel Pacific Monterey_girlgonetravel Hotel Pacific Monterey_girlgonetravel

But, not only did we find the space we needed in booking a suite and a free Continental breakfast, but we also got a balcony, a dining area, and a living area with a fireplace. The staff was warm and welcoming to my children and we had a really great experience there. It was just for one night, but I made sure to make note of it for our next visit to the area.

Omni Los Angeles, CA

I was nervous about my stay in Los Angeles. It was only for one night, but it was the most important night because it was the night of my little one’s birthday, and we had big plans.

I was afraid that in getting to the hotel we would be stuck in traffic, or end up somewhere far from everything else. But, instead we were smack in the middle of downtown, or what I would consider to be “downtown”. We were not in an area that was too touristy, but rather where a lot of the legal and fiance offices are located, which for us was nice as we didn’t want a lot of the hoopla and crowds like those in Hollywood. Plus, the hotel had everything we needed, plus more.

Our connected rooms were beautiful, and exactly what we have grown to love about an Omni experience. I enjoyed the ambiance and our view of  California Plaza was a serene view of LA on an early weekday morning. Of course, the chocolate chip cookies and milk that greet the little ones (upon request) during our Omni stays is, by far, my kids favorite amenity.Omni Hotels Los Angeles_girlgonetravel Omni Hotels Los Angeles_girlgonetravel

Truth is, I find Los Angeles to be a bit overwhelming, but it was really nice to enjoy a stay that deliver not only a wonderful stay, but also a great start to a very special birthday morning and ending to our wonderful West Coast trip.

I try, so often, to keep you all informed of my great finds and though these happened some time ago, I just couldn’t bear not sharing them with you. So, if you find yourself in any of these fun destinations, now you know that when it comes to a place to stay, after months of searching and reading, these hotels felt to us like wonderful discoveries worth writing about that we know you will enjoy too.

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  1. Jana says:

    Thanks for the great tips and pictures, me and my Boyfriend want to travel into the Redwoods next year. It will be our first time in North America so we really appreciate these useful travel tips ;-).

    • caincarol says:

      That's great Jana! Excited for you to visit. It's such a beautiful park. Walking through the forest, among those large redwood trees is pretty magical. I hope you have a fabulous time and thanks for reading!

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