Romantic Travel After Kids

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It can be difficult as a parent to plan a romantic getaway, which of course means leaving the kids at home. As parents of three boys, my husband and I thought that getting away is something that we wouldn’t do for a long time.

However, it does make it easier to get away if you have a support system that can jump in and help out with watching the kids and preparing for a trip. But, for those of us who have families that live far away and don’t have any close friends or relatives nearby, getting away can be quite a challenge.

That being said, I encourage you to take a romantic getaway when the time is right, because the benefits are huge!

Our first major romantic getaway since having three boys was a trip outside of the country. We hired a sitter. After many months of her spending time with the boys to get acquainted, we took our trip, trusting that our sitter could handle the work and our boys were happy. I won’t deny that I was nervous and a bit apprehensive.

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