South West HERstory Tour with Whiskey Sister

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I have yet to recover from my amazing adventures along the Loire Valley (more to come on that) and have already set out on another wonderful trip with 5 badass travel writers, bloggers, and filmmaker, who are inspiring me everyday. Read all about them!

We have hit the road in a recreational vehicle in search of the rock star, history-making women along the Southwest. With a designated driver always on duty (and never while on the road), we are also getting to enjoy the amazing flavors of the new Whiskey Sister a genuine Kentucky Bourbon (spearheaded by the same powerhouse women behind Wine Sisterhood – check out my earlier adventures in wine with these amazing women).

On my first day since meeting up with the group we have already learned so much.

On our first day in Yuma, AZ we met Tina Clark, an incredible force in the community. A curator, historian, archeologist, and chef, owner of Tina’s Cocina, she also served as our guide through Yuma’s Territorial Prison State Park where we learned about the lawbreaking and impressive female inmates as well as the many efforts of conservation of the adjacent Colorado River and its surrounding.whiskey sister herstory girlgonetravelwhiskey sister tour

I learned of Yuma’s powerful influence during the Gold Rush Era, as well as their importance in the international and national agricultural industry. It has also been a popular movie site, with Star Wars and Rambo being just two of their very lengthy list of movie credits.

Yuma is a beautiful destination, respectful and proud of their natural resources and environment. They are working to share more of the natural beauty that surrounds them and hope to attract more travelers interested in taking part in the many outdoor recreational activities they have to offer.

whiskey sister herstory girlgonetravel

whiskey sister herstory tourDinner at Tina’s Cocina was a beautiful array of Southwestern delights that fully help to immerse us in the local culture and flavors. Many of the dishes made include a small dose, or two, or three, of the Whiskey Sister bourbon demonstrating that it is enjoyed both on its own or in more creative ways.

whiskey sister herstory girlgonetravel whiskey sister herstory girlgonetravel So here's the truth: Yuma, AZ is way cooler than I ever thought it would be. Yup, totally worth visiting. #whiskeysister So here's the truth: Yuma, AZ is way cooler than I ever thought it would be. Yup, totally worth visiting. #whiskeysister

As we set off on day two, I am excited for what’s to come. The desert views are spectacular, the RV experience is a fun one – but I have to credit the company on that one for sure.whiskey sister herstory girlgonetravel whiskey sister herstory girlgonetravelwhiskey sister tourSnacks is a big part of our trip, thus it was important to stack up on the best of the best.

whiskey sister herstory girlgonetravelStopping at fab places like Bare Naked Soap Co. in Yuma for handmade soaps keep us smelling fresh and pretty.

whiskey sister tour whiskey sister tour

But the lessons I am learning about how women influenced and continue to influence so much along the path that we are taking is awe-inspiring. I am so proud to be a part of this experience, but even more overjoyed to be sharing it with these fellow females adventurers.

You can follow our adventure on my Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram using hashtag #WhiskeySister and you can read more about the women, the tour, and of course, the Whiskey Sister at


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