Protecting and Saving My Photography

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Next to my desk, protected from the sun, dust, cold, and pretty much any other environmental hazard (I hope), is a malfunctioning hard drive that will no longer read the contents saved on it. In this hard drive, which I begged the Apple folks to return to me when they replaced it with a new one, are endless photos taken over a period of several months which I saved nowhere. Sounds horrifying, doesn’t it? Believe me, I type this and my hands start to tremble.

I’ve called a few tech support people who might be great at retrieving the contents, but the quote for such a task as been about $700-$800. Not an easy pill to swallow, nor cash I have readily available, thus why the hard drive still sits there, untouched, with my beautiful photos, unattainable.

Now, it’s common sense and a safe practice to always save your work, whether photos or writing, or whatever, in an external hard drive and we’ve all heard someone or another advice us to always back up our computer. The latter, I have done – just not regularly – and as far as external hard drives go, the challenge has been in finding one that can easily save the large many photos in my file. External hard drives are expensive, and as a travel blogger, I just can’t travel with a bunch of them all the time. In addition to something that was easy to carry, I needed something that was durable, because I tend to carry my stuff in a backpack that goes with me everywhere, on trains, planes, and automobiles.

This is the state of mind I was in when I was asked to try the Western Digital My Passport Pro 2TB external hard drive with Thunderbolt connectivity. I had already reached out to fellow photographers and videographers to find out what the used and recommended and many of them either showed me or told me about this product.


I am not a techie, so I won’t go into the specs too much, but I what I can tell you is that this hard drive was made for storing high-definition, video and photo files. And it is light and durable, so perfect for travel.

Honestly, I love this little device and wish I had discovered so much sooner. There is another with  4TB capacity, but I have found the 2TB to be enough for me. Now that I have gotten to use this product, I have my eye on the Thunderbolt Duo, another product that many of my friends have also recommended and have assured me is worth this investment. What I have also learned about Thunderbolt, and what it refers to is that speed with which transfers take place. I worried that I would have to leave it connected to my Mac overnight, but the files transferred quickly, with larger files take only a few seconds, less than 3 minutes at max, making it super easy to transfer and back up my files on the fly when on the road. It also refers to the speed with which you can play your files. I am able to get access to videos and stream them quickly from my drive without any delays, glitches, or stalling.

My passport pro_girlgonetravel

This particular drive is lighter than I imagined it would be (only 1 pound) and small enough to put in my purse (1.1 x 3.5) and it’s easy. No learning curb, or heavy connecting to do. Just plug in and go.

The WD My Passport Pro sells for a retail price of about $299.99. For more information and more detailed product specs, check out the Western Digital website. I also really love how they highlight the product in this profile of professional users, like this West Coast filmmaker, because the description of his product experience during travel is something I could relate to.


Disclosure: I received this product for the purpose of this review. I received no further compensation and all opinions are my own.


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