My Evening with Austria

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I arrived around sunset. The weather showed signs of early Fall and the sky was a colorful display of pinks, blues, and orange as it prepared to embrace the night.

I walked into a room full of the scent of delicious Austrian dishes in the making. The classical ballad of the orchestra played in the foreground as the tinkling of champagne glasses mixed with the laughter and conversations of friends, old and new.

The imagery of a vineyard promised an evening of full of Austrian greatness, even though our dinner was actually taking place in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

The river views I saw from the window was not that of the Danube, but rather of the Hudson with the Statue of Liberty at a distance.Austrian travels_girlgonetravel

The melodies of the night were performed by the Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra.

Austrian travels_girlgonetravel

Austrian travels_girlgonetravelCelebrated Austrian chef, Kurt Gutenbrunner of Wallsé Café Sabarsky and Blaue Gans took us on an Austrian culinary journey beautifully paired with Austrian wines, which was a first for me as I was unaware of how delightful these wines can be.

On this particular night I was dining and wining with representatives from Austria Tourism as they announced the fabulous contest launched today (October 1, 2014) opened for all to enter.

The contest, My Austrian Evening (#MyAustrianEvening) will give a winner and their friends the experience of an Austrian dinner in their own home. The hope is to translate the feeling of “Gemuetlichkeit” through food and to introduce you to Austrian culture in a way that you can share with those whom you love.

I suspect that after you experience an evening at your home like the one I had in Red Hook,  you too will understand why so many consider visiting Austria an experience to be enjoyed more than once, rather than a bucket list destination to be crossed off your must-visit list.

I can tell you that in my one day in Vienna (I know, just one day seems more like a punishment, really) while traveling with Insight Vacations, I was left with memories that still stir happy emotions in me when I talk about it.

Like the time I visited the Palais Ferstel and was showered with the melodies of a live orchestra playing the Mozart as ballet dancers waltz in front of me. The moment, in one of the most culturally enriched countries in the world, as well as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, marked me with a longing to go back and see even more.

Vienna_girlgonetravel Vienna_girlgonetravel

And when I had my very first schnitzel there at a cozy restaurant called Stadpark Bräu and ate sachertorte from the Sacher Hotel, which everyone says is a must.

I wish I could say that I had returned to the beauty of Austria that I had so briefly encountered during my travels with InsightVacations, but o

I also smile when think back at all the museums I explored and the fun moments spent posing in front of palaces.

Austrian travels_girlgonetravel Austrian travels_girlgonetravel View of the Museum of Natural History.

Austrian travels_girlgonetravelPosing in front of Shönbrunn Palace.

Austrian travels_girlgonetravelAdmiring the jewels found in the Imperial Treasury.

In 24 hours and just one Austrian city, I was left impressed and inspired. Back in Brooklyn, my Austrian evening could not compare to that one day in Vienna, but it came really close to the joy of actually having been there and it sure made me want to go back.

Check more scenes from #MyAustrianEvening on my Storify. To enter the contest, which runs till October 31, 2014, visit the Austria Travel Facebook page for more information and sign up.




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