The people of Guatemala

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I have hundreds and hundreds of photos from my recent trip to Guatemala. Going through them made me smile more times than I can count.

When thinking about where I wanted to start in sharing my Guatemalan story with you, it was the faces of the people I met along the way that made me the happiest. So, of course, this seemed like that perfect intro.

I fell in love with all the colors of Guatemala, much of it displayed beautifully on the clothes worn by the Mayan people. Being able to connect with them personally, even if just for a few minutes to ask for a photo, helped to bring out a light in their faces that I was honored to have captured. Speaking Spanish was definitely helpful, but I think that the images show the true warmth and beauty of the people of Guatemala.

All the close up images were taken with direct consent from the subject, and in many cases a monetary tip was offered.

People of Guatemala_All rights

Little boy selling trinkets at a roadside market.

People of Guatemala_All rights reserved_GirlGoneTravel.comIt was morning and they were on their way to school.  

People of Guatemala_All rights“Is she your sister?” “Well, she might as well be!” 

People of Guatemala_All rights reserved_GirlGoneTravel.comHer reaction to my saying, “My goodness are you beautiful!” 

People of Guatemala_All rights reserved_GirlGoneTravel.comAvocado vendor.

People of Guatemala_All rights reserved_GirlGoneTravel.comPublic display of affection for Mayans is a no-no.

People of Guatemala_All rights reserved_GirlGoneTravel.comArtisan market in Antigua.

People of Guatemala_All rights“I think happy thoughts and so my tortillas make people happy too.”

People of Guatemala_All rights“May I take your photo?” “As long as I don’t have to look into the camera. It makes me shy.”

People of Guatemala_All rights reserved_GirlGoneTravel.comFlower vendor in Chichicastenango at the steps of Santo Tomas church. Special note: When visiting the market (Thursday and Sundays), please note that this coincides with religious and ceremonial observations. It is offensive to go up the front steps of the church during this time. If you would like to enter the church during the market, there is a side entrance for visitors. Please spread the word as I saw many tourists posing on the steps and next to vendors at the horror of the Maya people around them.

People of Guatemala_All rights reserved_GirlGoneTravel.comLaundry day.

People of Guatemala_All rights“Aren’t you afraid I might ruin the meal?” “Don’t worry. I’ll know how to fix it.”

People of Guatemala_All rights reserved_GirlGoneTravel.comGrand-daughter of my wonderful host and cooking teacher pictured above this image.

People of Guatemala_All rights reserved_GirlGoneTravel.comMarket day.

People of Guatemala_All rights reserved_GirlGoneTravel.comAfternoon commute.


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All images are property of Girl Gone Travel and may not be used without direct consent of the publisher.

Thank you to Inguat, Guatemala’s official tourism board.

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  1. Jeff Dobbins says:

    I too fell in love with the people of Guatemala and these lovely photos brought a smile to my face as well. They make me long to return to that beautiful place.

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