Bröd Kitchen: A hint of Nordic flavors in the Village

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I enjoy the hip, creative vibe of the Village in New York City. Not only is NYU located there, but this is the home to tons of artist and performance venues that I have enjoyed over the years, such as the Village Vanguard, the Village Underground, and the Blue Note Jazz Club, as well as galleries and varies pop-up exhibits that happen throughout the year. I love the independent films shown at the IFC Center and the Angelika Theatre. It is home to historic The Jane Hotel, a true gem of New York City history.

There are many places to eat and drink, worthy of continual exploration as it is an ever-changing landscape.

My newest discovery was more than I expected, a pleasant surprise that extends beyond a nice cup of organic coffee and pastries.

Bröd Kitchen is new to the Village scene and has already become a favorite spot for locals and students in the nearby university. At first glance it’s a beautiful airy space filled with busy coffee-drinkers on laptops. But after taking a walk around, you will notice a well-organized yet causal restaurant space that aims to please a variety of food cravings.

Nordic culinary traditions give great emphasis to the ingredients and thus a lot of thought is given to not only where these are sourced, but also how they can best bring out unique flavors to the simplest treat.

Fresh pastries, artisanal breads, pizzas, and even bagels are prepared daily. You might find some items gone pretty quickly too as people fall in love with them. In the pastry section, I found theTiramisu to be one of my absolute favorite sweets, as well as the Florentine, a snack bar made with almonds, chocolate and raisins that wasn’t too sweet and made for a delicious treat.

brod Kitchen NYC_GIRLGONETRAVELThis rich, smooth chocolate mousse is another must-try.

Walk further in to the salad bar and either order from the menu selection of ingredients to have your salad made to order topped with Nordic-inspired dressings. Can’t decide? Try the Vegan Salad with beets, avocado, spinach, and lemon vinaigrette dressing. This salad also comes with quinoa but they didn’t have any that day so I had it with barley instead. I have to say that was a better choice, as I thought the crunch from the barley gave it a texture and flavor I preferred.

brod Kitchen NYC_GIRLGONETRAVELNot your grandmama’s beat salad.

If you want more than a salad you must head over to their brick oven pizza bar (which is also where you would pick out your freshly made bagels in the morning). Figuring out which is your favorite might be a bit of a challenge. The dough is perfection, easy at first bite with a nice crunch at the end. The meatballs on their meatball pizza have a beautiful medley of herbs and spices distinguishing it from any meatball anything I’ve ever had anywhere.

brod Kitchen NYC_GIRLGONETRAVEL brod Kitchen NYC_GIRLGONETRAVELThe in-house brick-oven pizza makes all sorts of awesomeness, from pizzas to NYC-style bagels.

But la pièce de résistance at Bröd Kitchen is the smørrebrød (bread and butter), a Danish-inspired specialty sandwich. You can choose from either sweet or savory.  There are so many of these open faced, bite-size sandwiches to choose from. Keep in mind, these are made fresh and once they are gone, they are gone till the next day.

brod Kitchen NYC_GIRLGONETRAVEL brod Kitchen NYC_GIRLGONETRAVELSmørrebrød for days…or you can also try one of their regular sandwiches. The three-cheese grilled in wicked good.


Behind the fresh design and flavors at Bröd Kitchen is creative designer Monette de Botton who brought her artistic talent from interior design into food, helping to make each meal, no matter how simple, into a lovely display. Her partner, fellow creative and award-winning chef, Hugo Uys, also lends his talent to make each item a bit more memorable and way more tasteful than what guests would probably expect from a grab-and-go meal.

Word is out too. Lines can be long on a busy breakfast and lunch hour, but the team has figured out ways to minimize the wait, so don’t let it deter you from stopping in. My advice, come between popular eating hours and make sure to grab a seat, bring a friend or two to share from the variety of menu items, and come hungry without worrying that you will need to break the bank.


Also, I’ve heard that Chef Uys’ mouth-watering, award-winning french fries (not currently on the menu), are a thing of beauty especially when paired with French wine, so make sure to follow him on Twitter so that you don’t miss out on where he might be serving them up next.

Lastly, the first Bröd Kitchen location is at 1201 2nd Avenue and there will be another coming to Hoboken soon.

Happy eating!



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