Fun-filled summer vacation at Massey’s Landing in Delaware

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There is no denying that I am a huge fan of road trips. I wasn’t always and it took our wanting to travel on a limited budget and 3 kids in tow to really get us to consider it as a preferred method of travel for our family. Since our first major trip in 2009 from NYC to Montana, we have been going on road trips every chance we get, whether here in the states or overseas. (Our next big road trip adventure will be through Ireland this fall).

As our family gets older, we have also been seriously considering more road trips in RVs. Now, I’ve RV’d a few times and it takes some getting used to, but I’m learning that if you have the two most important factors in place, which is an RV that works best for your family and travel style, as well as good company (because, let’s face it, sharing small enclosed quarters with anyone other than those whom you truly enjoy spending time with can be torture), it can be an absolutely wonderful experience.

One thing that isn’t always a love-at-first-sight guarantee when going on an RV trip are the parks where you have to park. One of the worst RV parking sites I have ever stayed at was in Las Vegas. It wasn’t much, just a parking lot (no grass) and bathrooms (no showers or other facilities). One of the most amazing RV parks I have ever stayed at was in Wahweap Campground in Arizona. The Lake Powell views and the sunsets there are heavenly.

Finding an RV park that can also serve as a camp site and offer plenty of amenities and services that the whole family can enjoy seems like a lot to ask, like the impossible ask for a perfect vacation. We traveled to Southern Delaware in search of such an experience and discovered The Resort at Massey’s Landing in Millsboro, DE.

More than just camping and RVing

If you RV enough, and admittedly we don’t, there are certain standards that make the experience comfortable, like all the hookups for electricity and such to plug your parked RV to. Bathrooms with the full showers that are a nice break from the long days and nights on the road, and laundry services and markets that help to get you reorganized and stocked up to keep rolling along. These are always a nice find and a huge relief. Nice ample tents sites are also a treat when you want to spend a night under the stars.

Massey’s Landing offered that and so much more. The property is located right along the shore of Rehoboth Bay with access to a private beach for guests. There is also a dog beach for the fur babies. We indulged in sunsets while sitting on the sand a few nights we were there.

The pool was a nice break from the hot summer days and the adjacent pool bar (on the adults-only side of the pool) was a delightful way to enjoy a drink while meeting other guests, all while still keeping a watchful eye over the kiddos.

There is a small bistro for breakfast and sweets throughout the day as well as The Jackspot for burgers, fish tacos, and more to fill you up for lunch and dinner. I recommend their made-in-house pizza.

We went kayaking on the bay and road bikes in and outside the property, all for rent, and when you check in you are assigned a golf cart to help get you around to all your favorite spots. Plus, they host monthly events to bring everyone together for a day or night of fun.










I often measure the success of our family trips by how busy our kids manage to be without much effort on our part, and this was definitely a successful one.

Indulge in a cottage stay

I have to say, even if you are tent camping or RVing, indulging in a cottage stay is such a treat. The cabins are spacious, clean, and modern. They have a porch where you can enjoy a night of board games or a cup of coffee in the morning. Ours was facing the Sailfish Lagoon which provided a sense of privacy from the rest of the resort as well as serene, beautiful mornings and colorful sunsets.

Sunset from the cottage.

Morning reading.

Our family fit comfortably in the 2-bedroom cottage. The younger boys shared a room with a bunk bed and my husband and I slept soundly in the queen-sized bed next door. There is also a pull out couch, a full size kitchen – a wonderful option if you want to save some money and cook your own meals, as well as a dining area and two TVs (one in the living area and another in the master bedroom), and a nice size bathroom.

We spent most of our time outdoors, even enjoyed a night of S’mores from the fire pit located right outside the cottage, but it was nice returning to an air-conditioned, comfortable space after a hot day. The cottages are pet-friendly and the beach and waterfront lodging spots are my favorite.

We loved being able to enjoy the property with our little pets. They made tons of new friends and really enjoyed hanging out by the fire at night, as well as the beach during the day.

Enjoy the surrounding area 

It would be really easy to spend all your time on the resort and not even realize it but if you can, take some time to explore the surrounding area. We had no idea where to start as we had never been to Southern Delaware before so it was great to connect with the folks at Del Marva Discovery Tours. We did a combination of tours the exposed us to some of the areas best hidden gems. The Farm Tour was fun not just for the kids but for us as well as we got to meet some local farmers for everything from fruits and vegetables to lavender. We also got a chance to visit a local winery and dairy farm, where we treated ourselves to wine tastings and delicious ice cream.

I encourage you take a tour or two. It was a fun way to enjoy a day.

All of the places we visited were no more than 30 minutes or so away from the resort and their shuttles not only drive you around, but also pick and drop you off where you are staying. It’s a wonderful way to take a day and get to know about the cool stuff happening and the many interesting people making it all happen.

Go to the beach!

One of the other perks offered at Massey’s Landing are the shuttles that drop off and pick up right next to the boardwalk at Rehoboth Beach. When we visited the beach was packed with colorful umbrellas as far as the eyes could see, but even then the vibe was relaxed and fun, and there so many cute little shops and great places to eat that we enjoyed our time exploring and shopping.

I was so thrilled that this was a service available to us because it further complimented our vacation experience without the added stress of having to drive or find parking, especially when you are traveling with a massive RV.

It was our first time vacationing in Delaware and I am so glad the resort was our introduction to this experience. Massey’s Landing has been added to my list of favorite spots to stop in, whether we are RVing or just wanting to indulge in another cottage stay experience.

The staff was super friendly, but so were all the vacationers we met during our stay. The people we meet and how we manage to find common interests, regardless of where we are coming from or going is one of the reasons I have been enjoying both the camping and RVing experience. We even met a family with an Airstream – which we are looking to purchase – who only minutes upon meeting us and hearing about our curiosity, opened their trailer doors and gave us a little tour of their home on wheels. We connected on our love for the road and travel and sense of adventure to want to see more and goes as far as the wheels would take us. These encounters, in my opinion, are the true beauty of travel. It was nice to be in a setting where these connections are encouraged, either by fun events or parties, or simply by helping to bring people together in a beautiful place with lots of fun things to do.

Spending these moments with my family, in a place so welcoming and fun, made for a memorable vacation experience.

As we left my boys expressed a sadness that our visit was over, I was delighted with all the goodies I purchased from the lavender farm, and my husband was still high from the joy of his afternoon kayaking with his sons.

It was the perfect vacation indeed.


All photography is property of the publisher and may not be used with permission.

Many thanks to Massey’s Landing and staff for such a fun experience!

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