Daydreaming of Summer and Road Trips!

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The first official day of Summer is Monday, June 21, but we have been planning Summer for months! Most of our planning involves our 2010 Road Trip Adventure!  Last year we packed up the kids in a Volkswagon Routan and made our way from NYC to Missoula, MT.

Somewhere, OH during last year’s road trip.

It was truly an adventure! With a lot more ups then downs. We bonded in such an amazing way as a family and created memories that we hope will last a lifetime, at the very least for our oldest son, and definitely for my husband and I.

We fell in love with the road trip option for our family vacation because it really helped us experience more for our time and money, considering we are such a large family, and we really loved discovering so many new places that we wouldn’t see had we not just hit the road. This year however, we have an additional incentive. We are making our way to San Antonio, TX, with a very important stop in Austin, TX to meet this little boy: my beautiful AND ONLY nephew born almost a year ago in July and whom we have never met : ((

Is it possible to be madly in love with someone you have never met?  Oh yes. Very much so. And because of our crazy love for this beautiful little boy we will once again, pack up our kids, drive through the South of this amazing country, and try to spoil him as much as humanly possible in the short time we will be there!

Of course, I miss his mom and dad too…but well, you know, the baby is just so much cuter!

On our way to the newest little bundle of joy, we will stop at some incredible places.

We will be leaving NYC on July 3rd and will be celebrating July 4th in our nation’s capital, which we believe will be both insane and exciting.

We will make a stop at Colonial Williamsburg, as well as have a splash at Bush Gardens, VA.  We plan on visiting Nashville, TN, and video tape how the relief efforts are doing to help this historical and beloved town recuperate from the horrific floods they suffered not too long ago.

We will eat some BBQ in Memphis and maybe even stop by the Children’s Museum of Memphis, before arriving to Austin, where all I want to do is cuddle and kiss this precious boy…but I know that won’t be all we will do as I can’t tell you how many times I have heard say that Austin is just a wonderful, wonderful town.

And then we plan on traveling to San Antonio to finally experience the wonders of the Riverwalk at night.

We will be arriving to New Orleans just in time for the Shakespeare Festival. we hope to dine at the fabulous French Quater, but because we will also be there during my middle son’s 5th birthday, we hope to discover some of the other family friendly activities, such as Mardi Gras World or the Audubon Zoo, which he might really love.

From there we will move on to Asheville, NC where we will slow down and take in the sights before taking the trip back home to NYC.

It will be an insane half of a month for us. A lot of driving, and we expect, a lot of fun!

We hope you will join us throughout our journey as we will tweet, blog, and vlog along the way. Of course, we are open to any fun suggestions as well, so send them along!

In the meantime, if you would like to read about all the fun we had last year (and maybe pick up some family road trip ideas for your family), check out our posts:

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Also, check out our videos featuring highlights of our main destinations.

Whatever your Summer plans this year whether home or far away, we wish you many Happy Adventures!


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  1. Sounds like a GRAND adventure, indeed. Can't wait to see pics/video of your trip!

  2. Carol Cain says:

    Thanks Liz! We're very excited : ))

  3. Jonez says:

    OMG… WOW! Should be a lot of fun!

  4. This sounds like an awesome trip. You're going to see so much and have a great time. A DC 4th will be really exciting!!

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