Singing at The Apollo with Tyrese and Other Crazy Dreams Come True

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Ok. Let me clarify: I didn’t sing with actor, singer Tyrese Gibson – at the same time – but he performed on the same stage, on the same night that I performed at the Apollo’s Amateur Night.

At the time I was a single mom, and too old already to be seriously considered by any producer or talent agent. The prize for winning the Apollo’s Amateur Night competition – at least this particular one – was the consideration from a record label. I was already hitting 30, and not really on the top of what those in the industry consider “marketable”. This was before American Idol, or America’s Got Talent, or even You Tube.

But I went for it anyway. I stood in the long line of applicants. I waited for hours to audition. I waited in anticipation for news about having made the cut to compete, and I competed all because I wanted to be able to give myself the chance to live a dream.

Sometimes you just have to do things in life, knowing that chances are nothing more will come of it all other than that personal fulfillment that follows. We all have a list of dreams tucked away in our back pocket, but not all of us will pursue them.

Sometimes, when you do, you will receive no reward, no accolades, no recognition, praise or love. People won’t remember it, or care. But you will. Like me, you will know that despite it all you got on the stage and gave it your all because it was your dream to do so.

I didn’t win a tangible prize that night. I made it to the final cut, but lost to a young girl who sang Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Love of All” (I sang En Vogue’s rendition of Aretha Franklin’s “Giving Him Something He Can Feel”).

But more than 10 years later I still smile at the pictures and I still remember the chills to have stood on that stage, and have one of the toughest crowds in all the world cheer me and applaud.

Most importantly I fulfilled a dream. I have gone to realize other crazy dreams since, from giving love a second chance to becoming a travel blogger, and I couldn’t be happier.

What crazy dreams do you have tucked away waiting to be pursued?

As I always say, the adventure is yours for the taking, so what are you waiting for?


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  1. Niurka says:

    you go Carol.

  2. Carol Cain says:

    @ Niurka:

    Thank you Niurka, and congratulations as you live your own dream of finding love! xo

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